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Who We Are ?

RoshaneMall is a unique Social Enterprise Platform, registered in Hong Kong, focusing in the Asia-Pacific region. We provide an E-Commerce platform for our Smart Shoppers to earn a 2nd income.

As consumers, we are always looking for deals/discounts to save some money and finding new ways to make some extra cash, but the QUESTION is HOW? Plus, People are losing their jobs or being retrenched, and they don’t have enough savings or a backup income, especially the Middle Class.

Our objective is to show you how to earn a 2nd income (Passive Income) and not rely on one single source of income. Imagine having extra cash for your child’s education, savings for your retirement, going for your dream vacation or paying off your debt.

It’s so simple and easy to get started because it requires the least amount time and effort.

Ultimately, our mission at RoshaneMall is to create a Joy Economy eco-system in the Digital World where everyone is happy to shop, helping each other and at the same time earning a Passive Income.

Roshan Milan (Founder & CEO)
Roshan E Mall Limited, Hong Kong