RoshaneMall is a unique Social Enterprise Shopping Platform, established in Hong Kong, focusing in helping Smart Shoppers generate extra cash every month just by shopping. No Selling required, just shop what you want every month.

As consumers, we are always looking for deals/discounts to save some money and finding new ways to make some extra cash, but the QUESTION is HOW? Plus, People are also losing jobs or being retrenched, and they don’t have enough savings or a backup income in difficult times.

We want to show the working Middle Class on how easy to earn a 2nd income (Passive Income) and not to rely on one single source of income any more. . Imagine having extra cash for your child’s education, savings for your retirement, going for your dream vacation or paying off your debt.

It’s so simple and easy to get started because it requires the least amount time and effort.

Ultimately, our mission at RoshaneMall is to create a Joy Economy eco-system in the Digital World where everyone is happy to spend money to shop, helping family and friends and at the same time earning a Passive Income.

Roshan Milan (Founder & CEO)
Roshan E Mall Limited, Hong Kong

What Smart Shoppers are Saying

  • E-Hailing Driver

    I am a full time e-hailing driver. I always wanted to start my own business without affecting my current Taxi business. My friend recommended me to join and shop at which is a shopping platform that pays for my shopping. Its so easy because it takes little effort and time. I am loving it!
  • IT Professional

    I am an IT professional and work at a software company. I was looking to make some extra cash and my good friend introduced me to RoshaneMall. I don’t have to sell anything. I just shop online and refer my family and friends to shop at Roshanemall. Easy Money. Awesome!
  • Clerk and mother of three

    I am a clerk at one of the multi-national company and a single mother of three children. Always a struggle financially. I could not keep my part time job because could not find a baby sitter to take care of my 3 children. My close friend introduced RoshaneMall to me. I can do this business from home after work while looking after my children. I just need my laptop and mobile phone. I am so grateful!
  • House Wife

    I am a house wife with 2 college going children with only one income from my husband. It’s so difficult with one income. I got to know RoshaneMall from my sister and started to venture into it. My children and husband can’t believe that you can make money just by shopping. I find it so easy to share it with family and friends. I make more money when they shop at RoshaneMall. I am starting to see money. Amazing!
  • College Student

    I was looking for a simple online business that won't affect my studies so I can help my parents to overcome their financial burden on my college expenses. I saw an Ad in social media that people are earning between $2K to $5K per month just by shopping. I was excited and decided to join RoshaneMall because there was no risk and it's FREE. Now, I have my own money to spend plus managed to reduce my parents financial burden. Very, Very Happy!