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The global retail E-commerce market has crossed the Trillion-dollar mark and growing rapidly. RoshaneMall's primary objective is to provide an opportunity and a platform for our Affiliates to easily make money from this booming E-Commerce business and all it takes is internet connection and a smartphone.

It’s so easy to earn USD $5,000 or even USD $30,000 in a month because RoshaneMall Referral Program is so simple to follow. Start earning your monthly bonuses once you become an Affiliate.

We have built a comprehensive and easy to use Back Office system, called “My Office” which enables you to track all your personal income and group activities globally. Plus, we have built a unique 4 by 8 Dynamic Compress Matrix System into the bonuses pay-out structure.

We reward our Affiliates from our advertising budget for promoting RoshaneMall to family and friends through word of mouth.

Only Affiliates, get to enjoy Fast-Track Bonus, Shopping Bonus and Reward Points.

Immediate cash to the IntroducerPersonal Incentive

We share 20% of the Shopping Bonus as your Personal Incentive.

For example, let’s say we collected USD 10 as the Shopping Bonus (because of shopping activities from Affiliates/Proshoppers directly under you), then you will earn 20% of the USD 10 which is USD 2. It’s calculated and distributed monthly.

4 by 8 MatrixGroup Incentive

We are allocating an additional 50% of the Shopping Bonus as Group Incentive.

For example, Shopping Bonus collected is USD 10 and 50%, which is USD 5 is distributed as Group Incentive into the 4 by 8 matrix. It’s a good passive income and it’s calculated and distributed monthly.

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Shopping Bonus

The Cashback incentive collected from CashBack Sites and E-Shops is distributed as Shopping Bonus. Affiliates will receive this bonus after 30 to 90 days based on successful transacted purchases.

Every $1 dollar that we receive as Shopping Bonus, RoshaneMall will distribute it based on a 20:50:30 ratio which means 0.20 cents will be distributed as Personal Incentive, 0.50 cents distributed as Group Incentive into the 4 by 8 matrix and the balance 0.30 cents will go to RoshaneMall.

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Reward Points

Proshoppers and Affiliates receive Reward Points whenever they shop through RoshaneMall. The purchases are converted from the local currency to USD points. For example, when a purchase is made in ringgit Malaysia – RM 100, the Reward Points is converted to USD 25 points (based on the exchange rate of USD 1 to RM 4). Similarly, if the purchase is done in Singapore, example, SGD 100, the Reward Points is then converted to USD 73 points (based on the exchange rate of USD 1 to SGD 1.37).

You can view your Rewards Points in “My E-Wallet” and redeem the points for products at “Redeem Reward Points” under “More” in My Office.