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How to become an Affiliate?

Very Easy! Sign up for Free as a Proshopper (Professional Shopper), start shopping and get access to our platform. When you are ready to make money, upgrade your Proshopper account to an Affiliate by purchasing and activating the E-Commerce platform featured in Fast-Track. Only Affiliates earn Fast-Track Bonus, Shopping Bonus and Reward Points.

Proshoppers only earn Reward Points.


What is Fast-Track Program?

Please, read the Fast-Track program page for more information.


What is CashBack Program?

Please, read the CashBack program page for more information.


Who is a Proshopper?

Everyone that joins RoshaneMall is a Proshopper (Professional Shopper). You must be referred to join RoshaneMall. You earn Reward Points when you shop on line through our platform.


What is My Office?

We have built a comprehensive and easy to use Back Office system, called “My Office” which enables you to track all your purchases, personal income and group activities globally. It’s paperless and you can access “My Office” anywhere, anytime 24/7.


What are Reward Points?

Proshoppers and Affiliates receive Reward Points whenever they shop throughRoshaneMall. The purchases are converted from the local currency to USD points. For example, when a purchase is made in ringgit Malaysia – RM 100, the Reward Points is converted to USD 25 points (based on the exchange rate of USD 1 to RM 4). Similarly, if the purchase is done in Singapore, example, SGD 100, the Reward Points is then converted to USD 73 points (based on the exchange rate of USD 1 to SGD 1.37).

You can redeem the points for products at “Redeem Reward Points” under “More” in your“My Office”.


What is the 4 x 8 matrix system?

It’s a Multi-tier Affiliate program, built on a 4 by 8 Dynamic Compress Matrix System which calculates all the bonuses. The system will automatically fill up as you introduce your family and friends to RoshaneMall. Proshoppers can introduce family and friends to join RoshaneMall but only Affiliates get to earn bonuses.

For example, once you have joined RoshaneMall and when you introduce 10 new Affiliates or Proshoppers to RoshaneMall, thesystem will place the first 4 Affiliates/Proshoppers under you and the balance 6 Affiliates/Proshoppers will be placed under the 4 Affiliates/Proshoppers you introduced earlier from left to right even though they were directly introduced by you.


Why do I need a 2nd income which is passive?

There are 2 types of income, Active and Passive. Active income is where everyone gets started; however, in order to create lifelong financial security, you need to start generating a passive income.

The Definition of Active Income: Income for which services have been performed. This includes wages, tips, salaries, commissions and income from businesses in which there is material participation ( In other words, you exchange your time for money.

Active income means you are doing something in order to receive that income. Some kind of work. Some kind of effort. You are not hands-off. You have to exert some kind of energy and time towards earning that income.

The Definition of Passive Income: Passive income is income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it ( You are for the most part hands-off.

In today’s economic circumstances, everyone should have a 2 nd passive income, especially the middle class and our objective is to help our Affiliates create a passive income through RoshaneMall because it requires the least amount of time, effort and investment.

We provide an opportunity to create your Money Tree.


How do I reset/change my password?

Please, sign in to “My Office” and click on the button “More” and look for “Change Password” and follow the instructions.


Are there any fees to pay once I join RoshaneMall?

We don’t charge any monthly or yearly fees for Proshoppers. There are NO monthly purchases required to enjoy your bonuses. As an Affiliate, you must renew your E-Commerce subscription yearly through Fast-Track to enjoy the Fast-Track and Shopping Bonus.


What is so great about Roshanemall versus other Cash Back sites?

Cash Back sites reward YOU only whenever you shop through their site. For example, you spend USD 500 and the site gives you 5% cash back, which is USD 25.

RoshaneMall helps you generate a 2nd passive income which is serious business where you can make USD 1,000 to USD 10,000 (or more) easily every month when you get family and friends to shop at RoshaneMall versus the USD 25 you get from other sites.