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What is Cashback?

RoshaneMall receive Cashback incentives from major websites listed under CashBack Sites and from our in-house sellers under E-Shops when Proshoppers or Affiliates do online shopping through our platform. We track the purchases to collect the Cashback and distribute it as “Shopping Bonus" to all our Affiliates. It may take 30 to 90 days to receive the Cashback incentives before distribution.

Please, take note; only active Affiliates can earn "Shopping Bonus" and it's distributed monthly.

Shopping Bonus

The Cashback incentive collected from CashBack Sites and E-Shops is distributed as Shopping Bonus. Affiliates will receive this bonus after 30 to 90 days based on successful transacted purchases.

Every $1 dollar that we receive as Shopping Bonus, RoshaneMall will distribute it based on a 20:50:30 ratio which means 0.20 cents will be distributed as Personal Incentive, 0.50 cents distributed as Group Incentive into the 4 by 8 matrix and the balance 0.30 cents will go to RoshaneMall.

Shopping Bonus is divided into 2 – Personal Incentive and Group Incentive

Immediate cash to the IntroducerPersonal Incentive

We share 20% of the Shopping Bonus as your Personal Incentive.

For example, let’s say we collected USD 10 as the Shopping Bonus (because of shopping activities from Affiliates/Proshoppers directly under you), then you will earn 20% of the USD 10 which is USD 2. It’s calculated and distributed monthly.

4 by 8 MatrixGroup Incentive

We are allocating an additional 50% of the Shopping Bonus as Group Incentive.

For example, Shopping Bonus collected is USD 10 and 50%, which is USD 5 is distributed as Group Incentive into the 4 by 8 matrix. It’s a good passive income and it’s calculated and distributed monthly.

Please, click here to view the potential income under

Reward Points

Proshoppers and Affiliates receive Reward Points whenever they shop through RoshaneMall. The purchases are converted from the local currency to USD points. For example, when a purchase is made in ringgit Malaysia – RM 100, the Reward Points is converted to USD 25 points (based on the exchange rate of USD 1 to RM 4). Similarly, if the purchase is done in Singapore, example, SGD 100, the Reward Points is then converted to USD 73 points (based on the exchange rate of USD 1 to SGD 1.37).

You can view your Rewards Points in “My E-Wallet” and redeem the points for products at “Redeem Reward Points” under “More” in My Office.

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